Unlock Samsung Free

We will present you a simple method to unlock any Samsung Galaxy phone for free. Through our sponsor you will unlock your phone for free, simple and secure. Our sponsor provides free unlock codes or status unlocked for any phone model from Samsung, any network, worldwide.

To use this easy method, you only need to provide:


    • Your exactly phone model (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S9)


    • IMEI number of your Samsung phone model (you can get your IMEI number dialing *#006# on your phone keypad)


    • A valid email address (your unlock code or status unlocked will be sent via email)

How It Works?

We will unlock your phone via TrialPay. TrialPay is a new system in which a customer gets an item (in our case an unlock code or “status unlocked” for your device) absolutely free in exchange for trying a service or just complete some forms from a TrialPay advertiser.

Find out more about the TrialPay system from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TrialPay



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