How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Fold for Free

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Fold for Free

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In this guide I will show you how to unlock Samsung Galaxy Fold for free through a unique, simple and free method.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was one of the most expected phones of 2019. The folding mechanism allows to transform the new flagship from Samsung from the phone into tablet in just few seconds.

AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, MetroPCS and all the other networks have in offer Samsung Galaxy FOLD with different paid plans. The price is very good, but only for subscribers whom sign 2-year contract.

Obviously, your new Samsung Galaxy Fold will be locked to the network you’ve bought it the phone.

What does it mean?

It means you can only use your phone only to the network you’ve subscribed without possibility to have a cheaper plan. Fortunately, we have a free solution to this problem and now you can unlock your Samsung Galaxy Fold phone to any network worldwide without spending a dime.

What are the benefits of unlocking Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Obviously, the main benefit is that you can switch to more cheaper plans and pay less. If you are planning to travel abroad is smarter to have your Samsung Galaxy Fold unlocked and, in this way, you can avoid expensive roaming cost of your network.

If you want to sell your phone is better to unlock it before that and the value of your phone will be significantly increased.

Few things about methods of unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Fold

Phone unlocking is generically named SIM unlock, actually your sim unlocked phone will be able to use any SIM from any network from all over the world.

Networks or third-party services, usually will provide you a SIM NETWORK UNLOCK PIN to unlock your device. Are few exceptions when your phone will be unlocked directly by the network or through an application of the network you are subscribed.

Services that unlock your phone through hardware or software solutions will void warranty of your phone and leave a lot of security problems which can be exploited for stealing your data from your device. Software solutions meaning you need to install a software on your phone for unlocking it to any network, but in the meantime will leave unsecured your data and accounts of your device. Hardware solution of unlocking your phone is one of the worst things you can choose. You must open your phone and modify physical hardware and with that definitely you risk to damage your device forever. Both of them are expensive solutions and will affect your phone functions and warranty.

All trusted methods used to unlock your phone are based to IMEI unlock. The IMEI number is a 15-digit number and is used for identifying mobile devices. To find it, dial *#06# on the keypad of your Galaxy Fold and number will pop up on the display of your device.

First of all, you may try to unlock Samsung Galaxy Fold for free directly with your network but you must accomplish some certain conditions to do that.

Conditions and procedure to unlock Samsung Galaxy Fold for free from AT&T

Your AT&T device (phone or tablet) must be in service at least for 60 days before to ask unlocking your Samsung Fold or any other phone model. You must have your AT&T account in order (no delays with payment of bills or other fees). But to benefit for a free unlock code from AT&T you must pay off in full your installment agreement.

If you accomplish all these requirements, you can go to the next steps:

  1. Access AT&T device unlocks portal:
  2. Click on “Unlock your device” option
  3. Read, click and agree with AT&T unlock device policies
  4. Click “Submit” after you completed unlocking form with an AT&T phone number and all other requirements (is a pretty straightforward procedure)
  5. If the conditions of unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Fold are accomplished you will receive an email from AT&T, customer support with all details about unlocking your phone.

AT&T conditions for unlocking your device are not so friendly, so it is a little bit hard to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Fold for free from this carrier.


How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Fold for free from T-Mobile

T-Mobile has some stringent rules if you want to unlock Samsung Galaxy Fold for free. Your phone must have been active at least 40 days on the T-Mobile carrier and your contract with T-Mobile must have been paid for 18 months, minimum.

If T-Mobile rules are accomplished you can contact the T‑Mobile Customer Service for unlocking your device for free.

Another option to check your eligibility for unlocking your Galaxy Fold for free from T-Mobile network is through T-Mobile Device Unlock App whom is an android application that allows you to unlock your device directly from phone.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Fold for free from Sprint network

Like T-Mobile and AT&T, Sprint has some conditions for unlocking Samsung Galaxy phones for free. The main rule is that your Galaxy Fold must have been active for 50 days with Sprint carrier. And the second rule is you must have been paid in full your contract in relation to Sprint carrier. Also, in your relation to Sprint network regarding payments, you must, do not have an outstanding balance.

If the requirements are accomplished you can start the procedure for unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Fold for free from Sprint network.

The good news from Sprint network is that the network unlocks devices of subscribers automatically when exist eligibility for that.

The easiest way to get your Sprint phone unlocked is by contacting Sprint’s Customer Care team, calling them or by online chat.

You must provide them: your full name, the last 4 digits of your SSN, your account number and password and finally IMEI of your Samsung Galaxy Fold.

After these steps, your device will be fully unlocked and ready to use in any network, worldwide.

How to Unlock Your Verizon Samsung Galaxy Fold for free

Verizon has the most relaxed conditions for unlocking devices bought from their network. Actually, all the devices from Verizon network are coming already unlocked. In case you meet difficulties when you insert a non-Verizon SIM in your Samsung Galaxy FOLD and the phone seems to be locked, before to call customer service try to enter these universal unlocking codes provided by Verizon:

  • 123456
  • 000000


We’ve shown you how to unlock Samsung Galaxy Fold for free from the 4 major networks from the US. In this way function procedures for unlocking devices for every carrier from US or worldwide. You must accomplish some certain condition and networks will provide you a free unlock code for your device or will unlock your phone directly.

Conditions for unlocking phones are pretty stringent for most of the networks from all over the world.

We propose you a free method to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Fold for free.

Unlock method, it’s uses factory official unlock codes or get status unlocked for your device. Your phone warranty will not be voided and is the exact same method that all networks or all third-party paid services use to unlock your phone.

The difference between us and third-party paid services is that you will not spend any money to unlock your phone.

What is necessary to provide in order to unlock Samsung Galaxy Fold for free through our method?

Before unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Fold without costs, you must complete an unlock form with:

  • Exactly phone model (in our case “Samsung Galaxy Fold”)
  • IMEI number of your phone (you can find this IMEI number by dialing *#006#)
  • A valid email address

We will provide you via email a free unlock code for your phone or status unlocked confirmation for networks whom allow you to unlock your Galaxy via an app. (e.g. T-Mobile Device Unlock App).

Go to first page from our website and find out more about how to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Fold for free through our sponsor.

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